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Solihull Approach Parenting Group

The Solihull Approach Parenting Group was devised by Health Visitors over 20 years ago, to support parents who were struggling to understand their child's behaviour. Since then it has been developed and improved upon with many other professionals who work with children adding from their area of expertise.

The group is an opportunity for mums to share their experiences and to build on the knowledge that they already have. By looking at the child's age and stage of development as well as what has been happening in their lives recently, we can try to understand what our child is trying to tell us and this in turn can help us to pull away from having to use behaviour management as a way to deal with behaviour issues that we may have seen previously as problematic.

In this 10 week programme we look at topics such as:
Each week we will look at these subjects and learn more, not only about our children, but also about ourselves.

Being a mum is a really hard job and each child is an individual who arrives with no manual to help guide us through the intricacies of this journey that both parent and child go through.

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