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Cedar (Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery) is a programme that takes place over 10 sessions with groups for children, young people and their mothers running in parallel.

Our groups aim to provide a safe, engaging and fun space for families to recover from their experiences of domestic abuse. We understand that the impact of domestic abuse reaches the whole family and can appreciate the challenges this brings when looking to recover as a family.

Cedar acknowledges that mothers are the best placed people to support their children in recovery. Parallel groups for mothers and children, where mothers attend group before their children, gives mothers information and tools to be able to express their support for their children in a visible, practical and supportive way.

Lots of women attend group for their child and are motivated to attend to help their child through their experiences and we know from experience that children do better if their mothers attend a group.

Cedar recognises that women have their own emotional needs during the group. Self-care for mothers is an important theme as well as highlighting how far they have come on their own road to recovery.

During our 10-week programme we cover the following topics:
  1. Getting to know you
  2. Breaking the secret
  3. Understanding our many feelings
  4. How kids feel about abuse and staying safe
  5. Whose fault is abuse anyway?
  6. Anger is important - how to understand and express it
  7. Solving problems in helpful, not hurtful ways
  8. Dealing with family change
  9. Staying safe from all abuse - including sexual abuse
  10. All the wonderful things about me - a celebration of our time together
Cedar takes place during school term time and will last 90 minutes per session for children and 2 hours for women. Sessions take place during the school day and, if required, for women we can provide support with childcare to allow participation. All children will be offered transport to and from group through PVG registered taxi drivers and accompanied by an escort.

Once at group we offer a warm and welcoming environment to all and provide a snack on arrival. Children's groups are also given free time at the end of every session to relax or play before returning to school.

CEDAR @ Dundee Women's Aid CEDAR @ Dundee Women's Aid CEDAR @ Dundee Women's Aid
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Referral Criteria:
  1. Children must be school aged (5-18)
  2. Children must have their own memory of the domestic abuse.
  3. The family must now be living safely away from the abuse. This does not mean that there can be no contact between children and their dad / mother's ex-partner. We just ask that the family home is a safe place to recover in.
Making a referral:

We accept referrals from professionals or directly from families.

To discuss a referral or request a referral form you can contact us on:

Email: cedar@dundeewomensaid.co.uk
Phone: (01382) 220803

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