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If you have a concern about a child or young person who may be affected by domestic abuse either within their family or within their own intimate relationships and you are looking for advice, guidance or support please do not hesitate to call the Children and Young People's Service at DWA on 01382 220803.

We provide specialist emotional support to any child or young person affected by domestic abuse - both historical or current. We support children and young people of all gender identities, from 5 years up to aged 18. Children under 5 can be supported in more of a family centred approach. Please read more below about the different ways we can provide support and information about the work we do.

Individual Support

We work individually with a child or young person, becoming their key worker and working together in blocks of 6 sessions. Support is child-centred and trauma informed with a focus on feelings, safety, healthy relationships and domestic abuse. The key workers use issue-based resources to work through feelings, recording this is the child or young person's individual support plan. The key worker offers a safe space and consistent support for the child or young person which can be within school, at home, within our own children's room on premises or out in the community.

Group Work

We deliver age appropriate focussed group programmes lasting 8 weeks. The program covers the topics that are most prevalent in young people's lives in Dundee - bullying, safety, domestic abuse, healthy relationships, friendships, conflict, equality and gender roles. During sessions the children and young people often realise that they are not alone and are able to seek support, strength and understanding from their peers. This supports them in building strong positive relationships.

Outreach Support in Schools and the Community

Family Work

We offer family work which highlights the effects of domestic abuse and provides a therapeutic support system for the family to recover and develop more positive relationships.

Support for Parents

The CYP Support Practitioners run parenting programmes for parents to cover the effects on children and young people when they have experienced domestic abuse and the effect this can have on their behaviour. Using the Solihull Approach, practitioners will share this information in a supportive and contained way to help the Mums understand why their children may be behaving in a certain way.

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