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We hold the LGBT Youth Scotland charter mark and work with members of the LGBT community who identify as women.

Lesbian, bisexual and transgender women experience domestic abuse regardless of age, social status, disability, ethnicity, race or religion.  At Dundee Women’s Aid (DWA) we recognise that whilst all the information on this website regarding the signs, characteristics and myths around domestic abuse may also be true for LGBT women there are also some specific elements to the domestic abuse they may experience.  There are also certain specific issues faced by transgender women which are detailed further down this page.
When domestic abuse is happening in a lesbian or bisexual woman’s relationship it may be even harder to name these behaviours as abusive and hard for people to accept that a female partner could be an abuser. 
Some of the issues that may be faced by lesbian or bisexual women in an abusive relationship are: Some of the myths surrounding domestic abuse in LGBT relationships can also be a specific barrier for LGBT women to access support.  These can include:  
Specific Issues Faced by Transgender Women
A recent study in Scotland showed that the most frequent form of abuse experienced by transgender women was transphobic emotional abuse.  Some of the behaviours described were:  
Coming Out and Transitioning in an Existing Relationship
Transgender people are at a high risk of domestic abuse, especially emotionally abusive transphobic behaviours, when they come out as trans for the first time to existing partners.  A second high risk point for domestic abuse, especially emotionally abusive transphobic behaviours, occurs when a person reveals plans to undergo gender reassignment to a partner who is already aware of the persons trans identity but has been assuming that they would not transition.  The negative partner’s reactions include a range of verbal, emotional and physical abuses.  Cases that involve extreme violence have also been disclosed to the Scottish Transgender Alliance. 


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