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Campaign Update

"Say No To Shame"

We have been touched at the number of women that have so far come forward to be part of our campaign to raise awareness of both Dundee Women's Aid and domestic abuse. We are still in the process of contacting those who are interested in being involved.

Last week we were privileged to meet a remarkable woman who shared her journey over the years which highlighted her perspective from a child who grew up in an environment where domestic abuse was present until she was 15 years old.

Unearthing deep emotions and profound sadness of not only those 15 years but the vulnerability of the difficult road it set her on emotionally in soul searching for that void that was left which should have been her childhood family.

This was an inspirational story of courage, determination, vulnerability and survival.

We are moved by the courage shown not only in her childhood but throughout her life, this incredible human being has challenged adversity and looked beyond to become who she is today.

To mark this, we are sharing a poem that we have had permission to share;

We Shall Rise

I shall rise, I shall stand
I will offer you my hand
I've been there, I can see
How difficult this must be

I've been slapped, I've been hit
I've been treated like shit
I was punched, I was kicked
Hair pulled hard, face in bits

Shame is cruel, shame runs deep
Many secrets, too many to keep
You are blameless, you are abused
Treated badly, hurt and used

Sit up now, sit up tall
You have no further to fall
Find your strength, find your voice
You have rights, you have choice

We are women, we are love
Hold our heads and rise above
We will help you, take my hand
We shall rise, we shall stand


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